We Welcome You To Cool Springs Farms!

We are a family of four located in Cleveland, NC. Our two young daughters keep our feet
moving as they try to help with our four legged animals. We started out with three Nubian
wethers just to be buddies and help eat weeds in our horse pastures, and we fell in love! We
next brought home two Nubian doe kids from J&M Hideaway Farm, and our daughter began
showing them in the fall of 2011. Our daughter was three then, so as the goats grew, we
realized she may need something a bit smaller to show. We now milk and show Nubians and
Nigerian Dwarfs.  Everyone is CAE negative, TB negative, Brucellosis negative,  free of
abscesses and CL, and we test the whole herd each fall. They are all dewormed and
vaccinated and have feet trimmed on a regular basis. We feed and recommend Blue Seal
feeds. The goats love the feed and clean it up at each meal time. Their coats are shiny, and
they are happy and active. We milk twice a day and use our milk for ourselves, the goat kids,
cheese, and we raise calves on the fresh milk. Goat milk ice cream is especially yummy!

Dr. Jay Moore (the husband part of our team) is a large animal veterinarian, and he takes care
of all of our herd health, while Meghann (the wife part of our team) handles all of the daily
feeding, milking, bathing, clipping, and barn chores. This works really well for our family, as
our children are still young. We hope that their interest in the goats continues to grow as they
grow, and that soon they will be able to help more. Our six year old helps Meghann feed the
goats every day, and our four year old watches in wonder at milking time each day. We are
looking forward to the future with our goats and our children!
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