Welcome to Cool Springs Farms!
(This website is a constant work in progress pending the time I have to update it, so check back often)
We tested our entire herd over six months of age for CAE, brucellosis, and TB in August 2015, and all goats tested
negative for all three. BioPryn was used for the CAE blood test, and if you have goats already and need some in your
herd tested, Dr. Jay Moore can run the test for you and save you money on shipping your samples to BioTracking! Just
give us a call or send an e-mail! Also, no CL or abscesses on any of our goats. We participate in linear appraisal as
well as being on standard milk test for 2016.
Take a look at our pictures below and on the other pages.
Cool Springs Farms
Morning Gate Greeters!
Even with the whole pasture to
explore, we gather around the
hay feeder for morning gossip!